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Israel takes home the title with “Toy”.

So, Saturday night proved that Netta was in fact the best and the act to of put money on as she won with a large amount of points ahead of Cyprus. It is the 4th time that Israel have won the last time being in 1998.

Cyprus were penned as being the favourite by the bookies after the first semi-final, while Eleni Foureira put on an amazing show it seems that it wasn’t quite enough with 436 points again Israel’s 529. Austria was in third place with 342 points, to everyone that watched as the points were awarded it was a nail-biting experience.

The top 3 countries – Austria, Cyprus and Israel

There was also excitement and confusion when a stage invader interrupted the UK’s entry by SuRie, he ran onto the stage, wrestled the microphone from her hands while yelling about “Nazis” and “Freedom”, it is believed that he goes by the name ‘Dr ACactivisim’   and has a history of rushing the stage, he managed this last year at the final of The Voice.


See you all next year for the Eurovision hosted by Israel!!