NFL Electrical power Rankings: Week five

nfl power rankings week 5 2012

With their 4-0 start, the Houston Texans are becoming the talk of the NFL…

Where do the Houston Texans belong in our Week 5 Power Rankings

For our week 5 power rankings, we have some major shifts in the outlook/power rankings of several NFL teams.

As we turn the quarter poll in the NFL schedule, the good teams start to show themselves. And we do see several “surprise” teams this season, that may NFL experts left for dead before the season began.

Lets look at some highlights of our Week 5 NFL Power Rankings:

  • New England remains our number 1 team with their blowout road victory in BUF
  • Houston is showing they belong in the upper escailan of the league, but I see no quality wins as of yet.
  • Arizona moved to 4-0 with a nail-bitting victory vs. Miami. Thursday nights game at STL will be no cake walk
  • Seattle downgraded a few notches. Still a good team, but road victories could be a problem
  • Detroit needs to get their act together. We don’t like what we see so far
  • New Orleans moves to the cellar. They will be 0-5 after their week 5 SD contest


Week 5 NFL Power Rankings

Team Record Wins Notes
New England 3-1 13 Huge 2nd half explosion vs BUF. Offense has the ground game going. Defense turning teams over consistently. Best team in the league.
Green Bay 2-2 12 Offense found their rhythm week 4 vs NO. Team was down late but found a way to rally vs a desperate team
San Francisco 3-1 12 Total blowout at NYJ. They outclass the Jets and it showed. SF should win with ease vs a lesser BUF team week 5
Atlanta 4-0 11 On a roll. Offense looks unstoppable at time. Should of fallen to CAR, but Cam fumbled on a 3rd and 1. 10+ win season very realistic
Houston 4-0 11 Looked like a top tier team at home too TEN. Team trending up, but HOU has no quality victories on the season.
Baltimore 3-1 10 Solid divisional victory vs CLE in week 4. Road game vs a desperate KC team week 5. Lets see how they react.
Denver 2-2 10 Handled a lesser OAK team. Defense is top notch when playing at home in Denver. Big test week 5 at NE
NY Giants 2-2 10 Mismanaged the clock late vs Philly. Should of won the game. We still like what we see from NYG, but team can be erratic and prone to letdowns
Pittsburgh 1-2 10 Bye week 4. PHI at home week 5 will be a test
Arizona 4-0 9 Battled a Miami team, came away in overtime. Showed good effort, but we would like to see this game put away earlier. Tricky matchup at STL Thursday night
Chicago 3-1 9 Chicago looked impressive in their victory at DAL. But lets not get carried away. This is a Dr. jekyll and Mr. Hyde team. Very prone to letdowns…
San Diego 3-1 9 Moved to 3-1 with solid victory on the road at KC. These team looks to be clicking. Week 5 at New Orleans will be a test, but they are underdog (we are betting them)
Seattle 2-2 9 Tough loss at STL. This is a tough place to play, but SEA doesn’t seem to have the experience to win consistently on the road. We see 8-9 wins in 2012
Washington 2-2 9 Big home road victory vs a tough TB team. They found a way to win a defensive battle which is encouraging. Week 5 vs ATL will be the true test
Dallas 2-2 8 Looked awful in home loss to CHI, but don’t get to crazy. This is an 8 win team. High highs and low lows all year.
Detroit 1-3 8 Miserable offensive showing at home to MIN. They were plagued by drops and poor offense. Team looks out of sorts. Downgrading
Philadelphia 3-1 8 Came away with huge home win vs NYG. Looked good but may not of been the best team this night. Week 5 at PIT will be a big character test.
Tampa Bay 1-3 8 Loss at home to WAS. TB has been in very game, but haven’t found a way to win. We like what we see, but they need to figure out how to seal games late
Buffalo 2-2 7 Blown out the 2nd half vs NE. Fitzy is error prone, this team will be erratic all year. Consistency is not their forte
Carolina 1-3 7 Had the game locked up vs ATL, played an emotional game, but Newton fumble late cost them. Decent team, but don’t expect more than 7 wins
Cincinnati 3-1 7 Look impressive road victory at JAX. Offense is clicking, but we need to see a quality win to move them up a tier
Minnesota 3-1 7 Team is playing some motivated football. 2 quality wins in last 2 weeks. Looks to keep rolling at home vs TEN.
Indianapolis 1-2 6 Bye Week 4. Week 5 vs GB will be a big test of character
St. Louis 2-2 6 Held on at home vs tough SEA team. STL looks great at home, bad on the road. Inconsistent.
Tennessee 1-3 6 Blown out on the road vs HOU. Completely outclassed. TEN will have trouble winning road games all season long
Cleveland 0-4 5 Fought BAL tough in week 4. Team looks to get to winning ways. May find stride later this season
Kansas City 1-3 5 Blown out at home vs SD. Defense allowing big chunks. KC may upset some people, but pick your spots carefully
Miami 1-3 5 MIA is better than 1-3. Have been in every contest so far. Tannehill had a breakout game. CIN week 5 will be another test
NY Jets 2-2 5 Completely outclassed at home vs SF. We saw this coming a mile away. Serious lack of skill players. Might win 5 games in 2012
Oakland 1-3 5 Outclassed on the road at DEN. Another team that will struggle to win road games in 2012
Jacksonville 1-3 4 Fell to 1-3 in home loss to CIN. Offense having trouble moving the football. May get better as season progresses
New Orleans 0-4 4 Welcome to the cellar. I guess NFL coaches do make a difference. They will go to 0-5 after week 5 loss to SD


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