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In the game Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, one of the first steps that you should learn is to identify which hand is playable and which is not. Here is a list of the best ten starting hands that was based on other people’s list. Take a look at this list.

1. Ace-Ace

This starting hand is also called as “pocket rockets” and “American airlines”. The pair of Aces is considered best to use as a starting hand in the game.

2. King-King

The second best in the top ten is a duo of Kings. This is also popularly known as “Cowboys” or “King Kong”.

3. Queen-Queen

Landing on the third place is a pair of Queens. Some calls it “ladies”.

4. Suited Ace-King

The fourth best pair is a suited combination of an Ace and a King. Perhaps some players will not agree that this pair is included as best starting hand, but many players still consider this. They often call this as the “Big slick”

5. Suited Ace-Queen

The fifth entry in the top starting hand in the list is also commonly called “big chick” or “Little sick”. It is the combination of an Ace and a Queen.

6. Jack-Jack

Landing on the sixth place is the pair of Jacks. This is also known as “hooks” or “fish cooks”

7. Suited King-Queen

Lying on the number seven is the suited combination of a King and a Queen.

8. Suited Ace-Jack

A suited combination of an Ace and a Jack lies on the eighth position. This is also known as “Ajax” or Black jack”.

9. Off-suit Ace-King

Number nine on the top ten is the off-suit combination of an Ace and a King. This pair is the sole off-suit that was considered in the list. This pair is also called “Big slick”.

10. 10-10

The last on the roll is a pair of 10’s that is also known as “Dimes”. This pair is the sole in the roll that possess no face card.

For beginners like you, the list above is very helpful in giving you the idea of the best starting hands in playing Texas Hold ‘Em Poker. You can play this game in casinos, or now, you can play the game at the convenience of your own home through online gambling websites. Online casinos have become more and more popular since you are saving time while playing your favorite game like poker. Just understand the tips and techniques for beginners and you will surely enjoy and even earn from this enjoyable casino game!

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