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Poker Strategy With Roy Cooke: Intimidating With A Minraise

Three off the button, $ 700 deep, I open-raised to $ 20 with K 10 in a $ 2-$ 5 no-limit hold’em game. The field folded to the big blind, who insta-called. He was …
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Learning No-Limit From Scratch: Betting With The Worst Of It

In position on the river, we generally value bet when our hand is a favorite if we are called. But when we are out of position, because we have events …
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Trump Running Mate Has Anti-Online Poker History

As Michigan, Pennsylvania, California and New York all consider regulating online card games for real money, there is, fortunately, little chance currently of an online poker ban coming from the …
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Learning No-Limit From Scratch: Maximizing Your River Value in Position

Too many players, emotionally satisfied just to win the pot, miss valuable opportunities to value bet the river. And since river bets are generally the largest bets in no-limit, that …
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Super Bowl 50: Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers Over/Under Free Pick

Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers (over/under 45 points) Hey, did you hear? There’s a big game this weekend: Super Bowl 50! The over/under started at 45 points and hasn’t moved. I’m having trouble containing myself – only 45 points? Since 2009 only 1 game didn’t go over 45 points. So…why is the line so low?… Read more »
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Poker Strategy With Ed Miller: Beware Of Unforced Bets

Unforced bets are trouble. What’s an unforced bet you ask? I’ll do my best to define it, as it’s a little bit nuanced, but once you understand the idea, it …
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Jon Turner Wins 2016 Card Player Poker Tour Venetian Main Event

The $ 5,000 buy-in Card Player Poker Tour Venetian main event drew a field of 537 players, creating a total prize pool of $ 2,497,050. After six days of action, it was …
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Construction Begins On Indiana Land-Based Casino

Construction began this week on the Tropicana-branded casino in Evansville, Ind. The casino, which will be moving onto land and situated in the city’s downtown, will be the first of …
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Americas Cardroom Announces OSS Cub3d Tournament Series

Americas Cardroom has just announced the first ever OSS CUB3D, three online poker tournament series in one, running from Sunday, Aug. 14 to Sunday, Sept. 11. The three series guarantee …
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Card Player Poker Tour Venetian: Day 1C Draws Huge Field

Although day 1A only drew 42 entries, and day 1B only got 91, the Card Player Poker Tour Venetian main event was able to easily surpass the $ 2 million guarantee …
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